MSC Cruises黑五享受40%的折扣,外加免费饮料、免费无线网络

  • 开始时间:2022-11-17 过期时间:2022-11-30

高达 40% 的折扣 + 免费饮料 + 免费 WI-FI + 高达 200 美元的机上积分

我们的黑色星期五特卖来了!享受高达 40% 的折扣,外加免费饮料、免费 Wi-Fi 和高达 200 美元的船上消费额度,这是您完美游轮所需的一切。有如此多的目的地可供选择,包括加勒比海、巴哈马群岛、百慕大、北欧、地中海等,无论您航行到哪里,您都可以从这个每年仅发生一次的限时优惠中获得惊人的假期价值年。所以,不要错过。立即预订。

Our Black Friday Sale is here! Get up to 40% Off, plus Free Drinks, Free Wi-Fi, and up to $200 Onboard Credit, which is everything you need for your perfect cruise. With so many destinations to choose from, including the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond, no matter where you sail, you’ll get amazing vacation value from this limited-time offer that only happens once a year. So, don’t miss out. Book today.